News Roundup (06/05/12)

  • Series X

The Series X edit continued this week, with all shows offlined by the end of the week ready to go to the online edit. Richard Naylor commented that having edited them it was very difficult to pick a favourite, while Doug had this to say about Episode 5:

Danny is bloody brilliant in Sh 5. Utter privilege! ‘You haven’t listen to a word I’ve said.’ The man is a legend.

However, all wasn’t so good with Doug, as this selection of some of his tweets shows:


It’s not computer related. Aggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Much calmer now. Aggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Ooops, sorry, no, I’m not.

Running a bit low on the old Luck Virus at the moment.

On a happier note, the edit also saw a visit from Howard Goodall, who came talk through his ideas for the incidental music with Doug. Here is a photo from said visit, in which it’s interesting to note that we appear to get a first glimpse at the Series X logo on the monitor behind Doug and Howard.. On the other screen you can just make out the logo again on a different background in what could very possibly be the end of the new title sequence:

Meanwhile, there were some more tweets from Nathan Cubitt and Andrew Ellard about what’s been happening in the Behind the Scenes edit:

Andrew Ellard

Here we are again. Nathan Cubitt shoots and cuts, I sit at the back and go “Nah, don’t include that.”

Nathan Cubitt

Highlights of today’s logging so far: Doug firing a ball at me… oh & a topless Craig, but I doubt anyone’s interested in that 🙂 Glad to hear Howard Goodall is composing for RDX – I’ve just been cutting the excellent conducting of said theme by Tom Price.

So what have we got to look forward to soon? Well evidently some thought is being given to a variety of ways to publicise the show, with Richard Naylor asking:

Right calling all Dwarfers. Gimme your best Red Dwarf #’s. So far I’ve got #TheBoysAreBackInTown and #Smeg (Original huh?!) I need help! GO! Plan might be to use the best ones around RDX transmission and try and get them trending. Chance to get some really weird stuff trending!

Personally, I would favour either #BoysFromTheDwarf or #SlimesComingHome, but any hash tag that can be put on adverts and posters to try and get the show trending on Twitter is a great idea. In the meantime, here’s something else that Richard Naylor mentioned to look forward to:

Currently grading show 2. Looking good. Will post some pics later.

  • Unseen Series III Production Photos

As we mentioned earlier in the week, Paul Muller over on Ganymede & Titan made an excellent find this week on the Eagle Transporter Forum. A gentleman by the name of Andy H, who is presumably Andy Hopkinson of the VFX team on series III and IV, has uploaded a collection of behind the scenes photos from Series III. I’m sure many of you saw these when we posted about them earlier in the week, but just in case there are a few of you that haven’t it seems worth mentioning again as there really are some fantastic pictures in there. You can find them, along with some comments from Andy about the construction of the Bazookiods, here.

  • Craig Returns To Coronation Street

Craig returned to the Coronation Street set this week to start filming his return to the show after taking time out to film Red Dwarf X. Craig’s onscreen departure was shown on December 15th, coincidently the night before the first episode of Series X was filmed, and his return to Weatherfield has been a little longer in coming than some may have expected. The Mirror says that this 3 month break was extended due to the writers struggling to write Lloyd back in, but this is The Mirror and they are sighting a undisclosed ‘source’, so it’s probably a load of old tot. Craig’s return, which is said to feature a plot where his ­character Lloyd go head-to-head with Steve McDonald, should air sometime in June.

  • 2 Free Chapters Of ‘News From Gardinia’

Robert’s new book, ‘News From Gardenia’, has now been released via Unbound to pretty positive so far, and as such Robert has been entertaining the idea of a sequel on Twitter. If you did order a copy through them which included the audiobook option, then you will also now find that is available to download. For those of you that haven’t however, Robert has made the first two chapters available to download for free as a taster. You can download these here, as well as the entire book for £5.99. The book will be available in bookshops July as a paperback and e-book, and in the meantime the hardback is still available from Unbound.

  • Norman On Pappy’s Flatshare Slamdown

Norman appeared last Sunday as a guest on Pappy’s Flatshare Slamdown, the award winning podcast where unruly tenants Ben Clark and Tom Parry battle to avoid doing annoying household chores by getting guest comedians to take sides and help them fight it out over a number of games. Here’s the blurb for the episode:

Norman Lovett and Cariad Lloyd join the boys for the final #flatslam in the series – and it is a bumper-length fight over who is going to clean the flat windows. While Cariad gives us some very sensible glass-buffing tips, Norman goes off on one talking about The Big Bang Theory. Worse is to come when he reveals he isn’t a fan of puns – how will he cope with the next fifty minutes? Elsewhere in the show, Ben indicates how little he cares about winning, Tom is confused by vinegar and Matthew loses control. Plus a big shout to brave Beef Brothers complainee James who endures the collapse of his case with stoicism and by throwing in the towel before it has even got started.

You can download the episode on iTunes and the British Comedy Guide website, or you can listen to it on the player below:

[soundcloud url=”″]

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