Unseen Series III Production Photos

A lovely little find here by Paul Muller over on Ganymede & Titan. It seems a gentleman by the name of Andy has uploaded a collection of behind the scenes photos from Series III on the Eagle Transporter Forum. These are pictures that he says he took himself, and aside from the odd one these appear to be photos largely unseen by fandom previously. Of particular interest are the photos taken during the model shoot for the scenes in the hanger bay, including one of the miniature set mid construction. As well as the photos, Andy also has this to say about the Bazookiod props:

I was the person who made the original Bazookiods, so yes I do know what they were made of.

I made a wooden former for the body, then vac formed the shells in 3mm plastic.
I welded up a T shaped frame from round metal tubing for the cental core.
The barrel is just differnt sized plastic tube, a Rizler air freshener and a drain pipe conector for the front.

There was no real design for it in the first place, so I could do what I wanted, all that the script said was in was a mining laser.
They had to fire a charge and have a few flashing lights.
And be ready in just over 3 days…

Once again, our thanks to Andy for the pictures and to Paul for bringing them to our attention.



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