Series X News – I Thought It Was A Publicity Shot From Planet of the Apes

Two brand spanking new publicity shots have been released today featuring all four of the main cast as well as the brand new Drive Room.

The publicity shot gives us a good look at the new Kryten. Set reports were mixed over the new Kryten mask but it seems to have turned out rather well here. To me, it looks like the same old Kryten albeit a few alterations to the shoulders and neck.

We also get to see a new outfit for The Cat. Previously we’ve seen pictures of Cat in full costume leak out but this seems to be neither of those costumes. From what little I can see, the shirt looks to be the same shirt as he wore through the second and third episode of ‘Back to Earth’.

Lister and Rimmer are adorned with variations of previous costumes and it suits them down to the ground.

The main speculating point of the picture would be why on Io Lister is holding a jar. For which I have no answer as I’ve not seen the episode or even know which episode this publicity shot is from. I’m very helpful like that.

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