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  • Series X News

If you read our news roundup last Sunday you’ll have been aware that this week saw the crew return to Shepperton for two days to film a few pickups on T-stage. Doug elaborated further on what was scheduled on twitter:

Green screen shoot on Friday (with the cast, the miniatures are all done). Test shoot tomorrow. Can’t wait. One pre-light/test day, one shoot day. When you practice with stand-ins what you are going to do with actors the following day. It was complex, hence test.

The cast got the script mid week (which is understandable given that it was just a pickup shoot). It had much the reaction you might expect from Bobby:

Just got the script, if you have any spare fat felt tips and massive sheets of card, bring them along 🙂

Following the shoot, he then put up a short blog entry which covered how the previous day had gone. Here’s what he had to say about the shoot:

Yesterday we all spent the day in a small studio recording a few bits and peices we didn’t quite manage to finish when we were shooting the new series back in February. It was lovely being with the gang again although we were so busy we didn’t have a lot of time to catch up. So, now Red Dwarf X really is well and truly in the digital can, we’ve shot everything and now it’s being zooshed and flibbled about with by clever people in dark rooms. The series starts this Autumn on Dave in the UK, it will also be on Netflix, Love Film (UK) iTunes and loads of PBS stations in North America. Judging from all the tweets I’ve had from people in the audiences when we were recording the shows, Red Dwarf X is nothing less than ‘classic Dwarf.’ I still haven’t seen any finished episodes but new bits we recorded yesterday were very funny scene additions.

As always, Nathan Cubbitt was also there to document the shoot for the behind the scenes material:

My ninja skills have weakened dammit! Already been clocked by the cast whilst in my secret sniping, I mean, covert filming position. Excellent shoot day on RDX – I even got to operate the red light and bell. Finally! Busy logging behind the scenes footage. Possibly longest handheld shot 7mins 37 secs. 1 reason why right arm is more developed than left (2 reason is archery)

With the shoot complete, Richard Naylor uploaded a few photos:

And so with that shooting on Series X is complete. Now focus well and truly moves to elements of the post production like the dub (for which the mooted audience screenings will be needed,) and the edit. On the note, following the pickups, Richard had this to say on where the edit currently stands:

Red Dwarf X edit has moved to Soho, on my way there now. It’s been a long week but all footage finally shot. Can’t wait to finish the shows. First three shows locked and running at – 29’47 / 29’51 / 29’39.

  • Bucky

Danny’s new short film ‘BUCKY’ got underway this week, with filming starting on Friday. Details on the short are still fairly thin on the ground, but we can tell you that Ed Moore is on camera duties following his work on Series X, and that it will feature some kind of chase scene. You can still donate to the production for a variety of different rewards here, and for now, here are some photos that Ed put up on Twitter of the crew mid-shoot on Friday.

  • Robert & Tony On Talking Books

Insight radio has had a couple of bits of Dwarf related interest on recently on their Talking Books show. Firstly, Bobby came on the show talk about Red Dwarf X and his new book, ‘News From Gardinia’, and then throughout last week they serialised Tony Hawk’s book ‘Round Ireland With A Fridge’. You can listen to Robert’s interview here and the 5 parts of Tony’s book can be accessed here on listen again.


  • Robert Live in ‘The Reading Room’

Bobby is due to appear on May 12th at the Lincoln Book Festival, and this event will be broadcast on Siren 107.3FM. Here’s the blurb:

Be part of the audience for this unique radio show, broadcast live from the LPAC stage for Lincoln Book Festival 2012.Nominated for the European Podcast Awards 2011, The Reading Room is a monthly radio show and podcast all about books and creative writing, presented by Paul Tyler and produced by Jonny Haw. The live spoken word event will feature Robert Llewellyn, plus local and regional authors, poets and live music.

Tickets to see the event in person are £5 and can be booked here.

  • Tony Hawks Live At The Du Maurier Festival

Tony Hawks is due to appear at the du Maurier Festival in Fowey, Cornwall, where he will be talking about his quest is to hitch round the circumference of Ireland within a month with a fridge, as well as introducing a screening of the film of said book. Here’s the blurb:

Tony Hawks is a comedian, best known from tv and radio shows such as Have I Got News For You, Red Dwarf, The News Quiz, Just a Minute, and The Unbelievable Truth.

He is also an author of internationally best-selling books including Playing The Moldovans at Tennis, A Piano in the Pyrenees, and One Hit Wonderland. Round Ireland With a Fridge was his first book, written in 1997.

Tony has adapted and produced a film version of his wonderful story telling how he accepts a drunken £100 bet and sets off, with his unconventional travelling companion, for an adventure that proved to be entertaining, educational, challenging and, at times, downright silly. His absurd quest is to hitch round the circumference of Ireland, within a month… with a fridge.

Tony will talk about his book-turned-film, and introduce the showing of this eccentric, endearing and very funny film.

The event takes place on Sunday May 13th at 2PM. Tickets are £11.50 and can be booked here.

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