Series X News – Model Shoot Wraps

As we mentioned in our news roundup, this week saw the model shoot starting in earnest after a highly successful test run. We’ll be covering this shoot again in our weekly roundup, but in the meantime there have been some interesting bit of information that you might well like to hear about. The shoot lasted 4 days, and going by these tweets from Richard and Doug Naylor, the results seem to have been fantastic:



Ended 2nd Red Dwarf model shoot day on slate 100.

So excited for you guys to see the model work this series of Red Dwarf. We’ve done a months work in 4 days and it looks brilliant.


Miniature shoot over. 192 slates in 4 days. Some jaw dropping stuff. What a crew. So talented. So nice. An absolute privilege 2b there.

We have further learned from Bill Pearson that the proposed shoot originally consisted of far less shots, which Richard Naylor subsequently clarified for us. He explained that the plan had been to get 20 beauty shots of the Dwarf at least, so the original plan was for somewhere in the region of 60/70 shots. It’s a significant increase from that to 194 and should really give a nice variety of shots to choose from. The combination of this amount of shots along with the new interchangeable hull section could also mean that we may well end up seeing a lot more of the surface of the Dwarf than ever before. That is of course before we even get onto the various other models that have been created or reworked recently. We’ve got to say, after the problems with the original shoot it’s great to hear that this one has gone so well and by all accounts exceeded expectations. It certainly seems that bringing Bill and Steve on board has really paid off in a big way and we eagerly await a chance to see the results. Incidentally, should anyone from the production be reading this, if these aren’t all on the DVD it’ll be a travesty.

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