Series X News – No Show Until 2013 (Edit: April Fools)

In a surprise move last night, Dave have announced that the airing of Red Dwarf X has been pushed back until 2013 due to financial constraints, meaning that the show will have to wait until the next round of new program funding to get the finances to finish the effects work, edit and dub. In the statement from Dave, the channel said:

We hope that the fans won’t be too disappointed with the delay, but we want to make the show as good as possible and to do that we feel the best move is to push it back.

In the meantime however, Dave have announced that they are to revive classic Sunday comedy show Last of The Summer Wine, and some of the of the Dwarf cast are set to appear. Exact details are still to be released, but Craig Charles has apparently already been confirmed for the role of Compo. More details as we get them, but you can see the statement from Dave here.

EDIT: Ok, we admit it, April Fools. We didn’t really think any of you would go with it, but it seems to have fooled a few people to whom I have to break the news that they won’t be seeing Craig going down a hill in a bathtub anytime soon.

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