News Roundup (01/04/12)

First of all, we should say to those that tweeted us and emailed us about how sad they were to hear the new series had been pushed back that they need not worry as it was just our little April Fools joke. When not sending some people into a panic at the thought of having to watch Craig go down a hill in a tin bath, we have also had a few updates on the site this week. If you’ve not read it, then I highly recommend a look over James’ piece on the viewing figures for Back To Earth, and what kind of numbers Series X would need to pull in to be considered successful. Aside from that, here’s the roundup of this weeks news, along with an appeal from this site.

  • Series X News

As we mentioned earlier in the week, it seems that the title of episode 3 will almost definitely be ‘Lemons’. We already believed to be the case from Doug’s tweets and Ray Peacock referring to the show as such at the recording for episode 5, but it’s nice to hear some degree of confirmation of this from Richard Naylor so that we know we aren’t heading up a blind alley. He also reaffirmed that the intention is to have a screening of the episodes this month to record the laughter for the previously unrecorded scenes, but that no date or venue has yet been set. For more details on both of these stories, have a look at our mid-week update here.

This week also saw the start of the model test shoot. It seems that this remount has been hugely worthwhile with all involved being very happy with the end results. Here’s a few of the reactions:


Really happy with miniature test day. Miniatures looked great.


Model test shoot wrapped. Went excellent. Excited for main shoot.Editing shows 3 and 6 today. Model test shoot went well. Bigature works amazingly well.

Bill Pearson:

Miniature Test went well! Everyone Happy! Modelshoot starting this Monday. Wish us luck!

As Bill mentions there, next week will see the model shoot start in earnest, which according to Doug will run from Monday to Thursday.  On that note, there were also some amusing tweets from Doug about the Chroma Key suit ‘needed by the guy operating the thing that moves the miniatures to make him disappear.’

Bought a fit all chroma key green screen suit 2day 4 the poor sod who’ll b gimballing the miniatures. Bad feeling its gonna turn out 2 b me.

The Green screen full body suit has arrived. Although I’m probably not going 2 b operating gimbal it seems wrong somehow not to try it on.

Got the suit on. Snug but lumpy. Maybe should have taken clothes off first. Needed help getting it zipped up at back.

Wife refusing to unzip it at back. Impossible 2 get off by yourself! Thinking about going next door. Maybe 2 late.

After a while you almost forget you’re wearing it.

And finally, as a little something to whet your appetite, Andrew Ellard has been going through the behind the scenes material and has this to say about it and the shows in general:

Looking over outtakes for Red Dwarf X. Yeah, I’m pretty sure you’re going to find these amusing… Now flashing back to Red Dwarf’s filming. With these scripts and performances I think we’re gonna surprise/impress a lot of people. It’s so bizarre to just…pull footage off a drive and skim through it. Doing the old RD series docs it was dusty tapes, clunk, whirr, buzz… Oh, and by the way: the show *looks* incredible. Again, it just fades away when you move on. But wow, gorgeous.

  • Dimension Jump XVII – Logo Competition

While Series X moves ever closer, the ‘Official Red Dwarf Fanclub’ are looking to the future, and the road to next year’s Dimension Jump starts right here with the regular competition to design the event’s logo.

The Fan Club team are offering one lucky Dwarfer the chance to follow in the footsteps of last year’s competition winner Arfon Jones (above), and design the official logo to be emblazoned all over the website, convention merchandise and quite possibly an entire hotel lobby – bagging a free ticket to the convention into the bargain. As we’re sure you’re aware, 2013 is Red Dwarf‘s Silver Anniversary year – so this is your chance to be a part of what should be a truly spectacular birthday celebration. You can find a further selection of past logos on our DJ reports page – and as you’ll see, they span a wide range of styles, references, characters, fonts and colours! The sky’s the limit, so get creative… and we’ll see you in the spring!

It’s a fantastic competition that’s well worth any of you out there with an eye for design taking part in, and it really shouldn’t be hard to better the place holder logo we are using on this site currently. So, if you think you can put together something perfect to represent the event then get designing. You have until 23:59 on Sunday April 29th 2012 to get your application in at the fan club website. More information can be found on their site, but here are the rules and instructions for submission:

  • The logo must include a clear and striking emblem for merchandise use. DJXV’s Earth design and DJXVI’s Strawberry are perfect examples of this.
  • It must also include the words “Dimension Jump XVII” in a clear, stylish font.
  • Please submit your entry in jpg, gif, png or similar formats and ensure it is a manageable size. Should you win you will need to be able to provide the (large as possible) original in psd or similar format.
  • The file size limit for this form is 2MB, but if you have any problems or queries please contact our webmaster (details at the website).
  • Hand drawn entries are welcome, but bear in mind that we need something that can be converted into a high quality image.
  • By entering you are agreeing that the Fan Club can use your logo, free of charge, for any purpose it needs; for example, merchandise and marketing.
  • The winner will be selected purely on the merit of the design by a panel including Fan Club team members who will have no knowledge of the identity of the entrant. Their decision will be final.
  • The closing date for the competition will be 23:59 on Sunday April 29th 2012.
  • Once you’re ready to submit your design, please go to and use the provided form to upload the file and enter your details.
  • Hero In My Family: Robert’s New Show

As you may or may not be aware, Robert has spent this week filming for a new TV show ‘Hero In My Family’. The show is about his late father and his role in WWII, where he served in 192 Squadron, based in Norfolk, flying in Wellington and Halifax bombers from 1943-45. Here’s what Robert has to say about the show on his blog:

It was an incredible journey and I really hope the end result is worth a watch. I was blessed with a really good crew, very sympathetic researchers and director who weren’t looking for ‘the crying celebrity’ shot when they discovered something about their father’s war time history.

That said, if the show retains it’s working title of ‘Hero in my Family’ I think it will be well deserved. My dad is a hero, an incredibly brave man, who despite seeing his peers blown to bits and burnt to death around him, continued doing the task he set out to do. We even discuss the controversy of the late stage bombing campaign carried out by Bomber Command and the American Air Force.

I hope you get to see the show, it’s going to be broadcast sometime in May, as soon as I have exact dates I’ll be blathering on about it big time.

  • And Finally; An Appeal For Writters

We have been delighted with the response we have had to the site over the last couple of months and the kind words of support that have been coming in. It has always been our intention to expand the writing team however, and so as of today, we are now open to guest submissions for our features or reviews sections. These can cover anything that interests you in relation to the show that you think might make for an interesting article. If we like it, we will publish on the site alongside all of our other materials and also lists you under our guest contributors in our ‘about’ page. So should this interest you then please don’t hesitate to send something in to us at as we would love to get a few more voices with different opinions on the site.

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