Series X News – Models and Lemons

There have been a lot of little bits of information coming out in the last few days about the progress on the new series. We haven’t put this up here yet partly because I’ve been away, and partly because it’s the sort of stuff we would normally save for the end of week roundup. Seeing as there has been quite a bit of interest now though, we thought you might like a quick mid-week roundup.


  • Model Shoot

As we mentioned last week, Monday saw the model test shoot take place with Doug in attendance. It seems that any issues with the detailing on the models and the cameras showing up their faults have been largely, if not totally, resolved. Doug tweeted at the end of the shoot to say he was:

Really happy with miniature test day. Miniatures looked great.

This was echoed by Richard Naylor, who also tweeted:

Model test shoot wrapped. Went excellent. Excited for main shoot.Editing shows 3 and 6 today. Model test shoot went well. Bigature works amazingly well.

  • Screening

Something of a case of no news is good news here. We know there’s quite a few of you out there waiting excitedly on news about when and where it will be taking place, so you might be interested to see Richard’s answer to that very question, where he says:

It’s still planned although not booked yet.

  • Episode 3 – Lemons

A few more tweets from Richard Naylor this afternoon about how the show is going down with Dave:

Got the important people from Dave coming in this morning to watch two more RDX shows.

Viewings with Important people went very well! Especially good response for show 3. Exciting marketing ideas discussed as well.

First of all, it’s great to see that the episodes (whichever ones they may have been,) got such a good response. As you may be aware from the G&T set report, episode 3 is an unusual one that none of the audience were really expecting. However, it’s this very fact that should make this particular show something of a talking point, and I’m sure that that will please Dave greatly as it makes it even easier to drum up interest online and in TV guides etc. Furthermore, while marketing discussions are hardly something out of the ordinary, we certainly have a rather strong hope that GNP and Dave will have a marketing drive that matches the excellent work in publicising Back To Earth. The myriad trails, promotional sites, interviews on other channels and most notably the Berkley Square event all helped to raise awareness of the upcoming shows in public conciseness as well as showing Dave had a lot of faith in their new investment.

Most interestingly though, Richard has also reaffirmed that:

Episode 3 will probably be called Lemons as tweeted by Doug. As for the others still being discussed.

This was also mentioned by Ray Peacock at the recording of episode 5 when the opening scene of the third show had to be reshot, though we’ve held of mentioning this until now due to it’s slightly spoilerish nature. As you may remember, Doug asked various questions about making a lemon battery before the recordings, and you can refresh your memory of that in James’ first set report here. It’s interesting to see that the other titles could still be changed. Episode 2 certainly has a title that seems rather obvious, and should grab interest while remaining in keeping with the one word style. There is a further reason it would be nice to see it used, but that is a discussion for another time when the episode synopsis is released…

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