News Roundup (25/03/12)

A slimmer roundup this week, partly due to less happening and partly due to the fact that I’m en-route to Cardiff to dick about on the Tardis, and as such I’m writing this a little earlier than normal. Before we get to that though, just a quick reminder that the third part of James’ exhaustive Series X diary is now online, and brings us up to present day. There were certainly plenty of things I had totally forgotten about in all 3 parts, and some that were most interesting to read back post-recordings. Anyway, on with the news:

  • Series X News

Just a few hours after our last roundup, we found out from Robert that there is to be an extra day of filming. We still don’t know when this is to be or what it is to involve, but I would still say that best guess is that it’s either for little pick-ups to make the shows flow better now they have been edited, or to redo bits that they have discovered aren’t quite right when looking at them in post. One other likelihood is that this will be green screen work as we know that the sets were cleared out some weeks ago now.

In the meantime, the edit continues with show 2 being locked according to Richard Naylor. So too does the model work continues for the test shoot on Monday, a shoot which we are glad to hear Doug will get to go to this time. We have learned a few more details about the what models are being made, with Richard Naylor explaining that Bill Pearson has nine in his workshop that are either new or reconditioned. You can read our speculation on what these might be here, but we have also subsequently learnt from Doug that all ships will be portrayed by miniatures and that another model is a ‘bigature’ of the Dwarf’s hull. This particular model has interchangeable parts, which means that it can be used to portray a variety of parts of the ship. Once again, you can see our speculation as to what this might be used for here. We are obviously very keen to see pictures of some of these models, or indeed any pictures from the production as I’m sure all of you reading this are too. With that in mind, you might be interested to know that the first of such pictures might be imminent, with Richard Naylor tweeting:

Expect some exclusive RDX stills soon.

In the behind the scenes world, Nathan Cubitt has given us another update about what footage he is working through:

Watching the world’s worst rap thanks to Ray Peacock & Ian Symes. I had hoped to erase it from memory, but it’s on the hard drive. Sorry SPOILERS. Ok just a little… the rap begins ‘For my dinner I had an egg, I like it when they say smeg’.

This is from the second recording, and a moment that I recall had many of us wincing as Ray tried to coax a rather reluctant Ian into doing a rap. All that and he still didn’t win a prize. Still, for those of us at the recordings, these bits with Ray and Tom interacting with the audience were a big part of the experience, and its lovely to hear that they are been comprehensively documented. Well, all apart from Little Smudger’s story of her Red Dwarf sex tape, though Ray sums this up best, saying:

I’m both disappointed and relieved.

  • Dwarf On Demand

The official site updated on Friday with an article that covers all the various ways you can watch the show on demand in both the UK and the US.

Online video streaming services are all the rage, these days – and no technologically-minded home is without some form of device, from games consoles to tablets to specially-powered TVs, that can take advantage of the vast libraries of online streaming content now available.

You can read Seb’s breakdown here.

  • Fully Charged Series 2 Launches

As we mentioned last week, Robert has a brand new series of his online show ‘Fully Charged’; an online show in which Robert Llewellyn looks at the newest electric cars, and different forms of renewable energy. Since that last update, the first episode has been released. You can watch it here:


  • New Gigs For Norman & Hattie

News of another two gig dates; one for Hattie and one for Norman. Norman will be appearing at the Lighthouse Cinema in Newquay on the 19th of April. Tickets are £12 (or £10 with concessions). Hattie’s is slighter odder, with the ‘Great British Cucumber Festival’ announcing her appearance:

More exciting Cue Fest news – proud to announce stand-up comic and actress Hattie Hayridge Holly from Red Dwarf fame will be opening the Cucumber Festival. By strange coincidence her Dad and family worked in the cucumber industry. Looking forward to it even more now! Don’t miss the opportunity to meet her in person – all of her, not just her floating head on a computer screen!

No, we had no idea such a thing existed either, but apparently it is a ‘food festival & family fun day to promote Lea Valley cucumber and other salads, local business and attractions’ on Saturday 12th May 10am-4pm Abbey Gardens, Essex.

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