Series X News – Shoots, Ships & The Jigsaw Hull

A few small snippet on the on-going model work from Doug:

Shooting a Miniature test shoot on Monday. Wasn’t at last one. Really looking forward to being there this time. Ships are all miniatures.

We may well have expected it, but this is confirmation that all ship work will be done in miniature rather than a mix as we ended up with in VII, all be it as a result of circumstance rather than creative decision. I did take the opportunity to tweet Doug and ask if there are any miniture sets like the cargo bay in Back in the Red, or if the models are being comped in to a CGI background as we could already conclude from the markers on the background in the photos of the first model shoot. His response was:

We also have one bigature of a section of the Red Dwarf hull. 6 feet by 4 feet. It’s like a big jigsaw – pieces can come out and be replaced with other pieces so it turns into another section of the ship!

That sounds like a great miniature to my mind, especially when dealing with the Red cameras. What these will be used for is open to debate. A few possibilites include:

  • Fly-bys
  • Cargo bay doors
  • Plot points where the hull of the ship is required to be seen
  • Something for a new opening

What’s really nice here though is that to as great an extent as possible, models are being used rather than CGI for these types of close ups. At a guess, it would seem that the backgrounds will all be done with CGI, but in terms of space shots etc, that’s a totally logical decision. Furthermore, this is not to say that there aren’t more in the wings, it’s just that this is what we are told exists. I for one certainly look forward to seeing these models in action, and hopefully in some teaser pictures in the run up to the air date.

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