Series X News – Nine New/Restored Models

A tweet from Richard Naylor here that might lead to a bit of speculation over the models:

Just to tease. Visited Bill Pearson’s workshop today he has 9 different models he has built from scratch or restored solely for RDX.

Now, obviously I’m aware of what does or does not appear in the series which makes this a little hard to comment on. As such, I’m going to address this in highly vague terms as if I had not been to any recordings, and what I refer to should not be taken as what is definitely going to happen. It should, however, give you some interesting points to consider.

The first thing to take not of is the fact that nine models means you can expect to see more than just the usual ships in Series X. Even if all 3 main ships make an appearance, that still leaves 6 models unaccounted for. Are these ships? Could they be model sets like the one used for the cargo bay in Back In The Red? What implications does that have narratively? Well some rather interesting ones that I can’t wait to see realised after the recordings, but more on those come October…

The other point to dwell on is that models have been restored for the show as well as built from new. Now, we know that this has already been done with the remastered Dwarf, but are there more? If they are featured, are older models of Starbug or Blue Midget to be resurrected? There is of course a wonderful model of Blue Midget that was only ever used for photo reference for the remastered project as can be seen here, and it may well still be serviceable. That is if either of these ship are to be used of course, and I’m not saying either way. All I will say it that there is a particular episode that’s model work should be really interesting, and I’m sure that anyone that was at the recording will be dying to see it realised from the teasing descriptions we were given at the time.

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