Series X News – Extra Day of Filming

Sod’s law dictates that if a piece of news appears on a Sunday, it will do so once we have already put up the news roundup. As such, we bring you this titbit from Robert Llewellyn’s blog, wherehe  has confirmed that the cast and crew will be getting back together for an extra day of filming for pick-ups and additional scenes which they did not manage to record in the pick-up week at the start of February.

Well, to start off, we still have one day’s shoot looming, there were numerous scenes and little fiddly bits we didn’t manage to do within the very tight time frame we were working on so we still haven’t finished the series. As you may be able to imagine, getting all four of us in one place at the same time in costume and ready to create quality smeg has not been easy, but we’ve wangled it.

We’ve heard a lot from the cast and crew about how rushed the production was at the end, which led to problems such as the need for a model reshoot that is underway now. However, what we weren’t aware was that even with the extra 6 days of filming there were still some pieces missing. That’s not to say it’s surprising though, as we had heard at the time that some planned filming had to be cut back. As a reminder, this is what Richard Naylor said was intended to be filmed over those 6 days:

Six days re shoot planned will be filming missing sequences as well as some original material. The end of Ep 4, missing sections of 5&6 take priority. Then it’s trying to make other eps as gd as poss. That Inc. Some new scenes.

Our understanding is that some of these new scenes where what had to be sacrificed to the time constraints. While there is a possibility that this day could be used for that as some people have speculated, it would seem surprising if a day was being dedicated to a new scene, especially considering what we know of the edit and the struggle t fit the episodes into the 30 minute timeframe. What seems far more likely is that there is a problem scene or two that needs to be replaced. This is still all conjecture of course, but we interestedly await further details as to what this day’s shooting will cover.

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