Series X News: Good Old Howard Goodall

As you may be aware, Howard Goodall has recently joined Twitter, and it would seem he has been made aware of the situation with the music for Series X. As such, earlier today Howard tweeted Doug to ask:

Are you 100% sure there’s nothing in the budget left for a little bit of incidental magic? Even if you ditch the wrap party?

A tweet that received this reply from Doug:

What wrap party?? Scotch eggs needed as meteorites for miniature reshoot. Call you Monday 🙂

Dare we hold out hope yet for some of Howard’s ‘incidental magic’? Certainly this would suggest that there may yet be a possibility. Make no  mistake, while we fully understand if finances mean that Doug has to look elsewhere for incidental music, what we would really love is to see Howard’s being used. His various themes have been an integral part of the show from the start right up to themes such as the wonderful orchestral Ace Rimmer theme in series VII. If we hear anymore we’ll be sure to let you know, but here’s hoping that that phone call on Monday proves to be a fruitful one.

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