Series X – The Men In The Rubber Masks

Not a proper piece of news as such, more of a curiosity, but Richard Naylor has tweeted a photo of the incident Chris and Danny were talking about at the British Sci-Fi weekend at the National Space Centre in Leicester. In case you missed Anthony from the Scuttercast‘s recounting of events, here it is again:

At the end, somebody was asking which other Red Dwarf character would they like to have played and why. Danny told a story about he and Craig both putting on one of Krytens old used masks each and the make up department spraying them to match skin colour. Then they went downstairs and freaked Doug out….The way he was talking, I got the impression that this was from a recentish filming. Maybe BtE or RDX.He also mentioned that Doug was seriously contemplating a storyline in which everyone played another character. Much like Craig and Chris in Bodyswap. DJJ did say that at one point Doug was considering a plot line that involved all the actors playing each others characters, but I got the impression that this was an old idea that didn’t go anywhere. He then later said that when Doug saw them as mechanoids, you could see his mind start working of how he could work it into a story. He finished this sentence with the words “it would be called Opposite World or something”.

And here at last is a photo of Craig and Danny ‘rubbered up’, a term that threatens to bring people to this site via some interesting Google searches:

Once again, my first reaction to hearing of this was to hope that Nathan Cubitt caught this for the behind the scenes footage as I’d certainly love to see Doug’s reaction, not to mention the inevitable fooling around that doubtless took place while the two were in the masks. Well, it seems that that wish wil be catered for on the DVD according to Richard:

That’s all you’re going to get from me re. this incident. For the rest you’ll have to watch @NathanCubitt ‘s BTS footage.


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