Series X News – Return of the Creator?

Nathan Cubitt, who is currently editing the behind the scenes documentary for Series X, posted this tweet earlier today:

500th shot logged – now where’s my champagne? Weirdly features friends of mine (but not in this screen grab) #RDX_BTS

The screen grab in question is at the bottom of this piece. It shows a screen-grab from ‘Back to Earth’ of ‘The Creator’ as played by Richard O’Callaghan. Could this mean a return for The Creator in the new series? Or more likely a return of Richard O’Callaghan in a new role? He was originally going to be in the Red Dwarf Movie as a rogue droid so he may could be finally playing that role.

UPDATE: And we can relax again due to this tweet from Andrew Ellard:

Not to puncture your news balloon, but that’s @NathanCubitt‘s desktop background, The log/grab is in the window on the left…

Still, nice background Mr Cubitt, we duly approve.

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