Series X News – Broken Programming

After speculation this week as to how the ad breaks would fit into the program, Richard Naylor has provided some clarification on twitter:

Re #RedDwarfad breaks, we’re editing the show with one ad break in the middle approx half way. Not two.

I have to say that I was surprised by this at first, and largely that’s due to having been under the misapprehension that old episode are currently being shown on Dave with 2 advert breaks in, but also because the shows seemed to have a 3 act feel to them as I said in my news roundup this week. That said, in hindsight, a 30 minute show in a 40 minute slot would struggle to fit in 3 full ad breaks at the length that Dave’s normally run to. Furthermore, it’s worth reiterating how much this can change once the show has gone through the edit. At the recording for episode 5, we were shown an edited version of episode 1 which had various cuts made, including a whole section in the middle removed entirely. Though we didn’t see where the ad breaks were to be as the show was played straight through, it would certainly have made the 3 parts slightly uneven. Anyway, It’s definitely a positive development though. Having only one advert break really will help the flow of the show, and should also go some way to stopping people switching channels as is all too common in ad breaks.

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