Series X News – ‘Sorry, buddy; no sax before a fight.’

A small update here in the continuing saga of the music cues for series X. Following on from his suggestion yesterday that he’d like to re-use old cues, Richard Naylor today continued to say:

Series 2 stings also great, Tongue tied on the saxophone and xylophone! Few of these would be great. Does anyone you know have a disk/file with all the music cues 1 – 8 by any chance?!

This would appear to show us what direction they are hoping to go in then. There’s certainly enough to choose from, and that goes for everything from short ship shot stings to ones for action sequences. But as we said yesterday, the issue will still be one of money. Let the arguments with Dave over who forgot to budget for what, and whose mother is a friend of how many sailors, begin. Still, an encouraging little titbit there.

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