Series X News – ‘And if you screen it, you know what they’d probably do?’


‘Yeah. They probably would.’

Well, scratch that, they definitely would. The recordings for Series X got a great reaction each week from the studio audience, and their laughter will provide the laughtrack that many are happy to see returning. But, many asked, what of the parts that hadn’t been filmed? Well, tonight there  has been word on that from Doug on twitter:

Planning to show some rough edits to invited audience in April to record laughter on show sequences not so far seen. We don’t know where we’re holding screening yet. I’ll give details when everything’s finalised.

I think most of us have been fairly certain since the recordings that this would take place, but it’s nice to have to confirmation that they are planning to have proper laugh tracks recorded rather than chopping up the takes they have. It’s no secret that the recordings had quite a few bits missing, including a chunk of show 2, the entire middle section of show 5, and the ending of show 4. From a purely selfish point of view, I’d love to see the missing parts to the episodes that I attended as well as the two episodes I didn’t see, but it’ll be nice if it manages to give a few people who missed out on the studio recordings a second chance to see the show before it airs. No doubt everyone will be primed at their computers again when further details are released.

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