Series X News – ‘In production jargon: my plans have all gone tits-up.’

Now this is a story that none of us saw coming. According to Doug, there is a bit of a problem on the music cue front:

Discovered today no money was put in the budget for music, apart from opening + closing credits. Me and a kazzoo for action sequences then. We’ve had music links in ever single series. No-one ever had to hum them + I’m not even allowed to hum Mr Goodall’s as we don’t have rights. Is it possible to make a set of bag-pipes out of a Producer’s intestines? I may try anyway.

Oh dear… well… Shite. That’s a bit of a cock up, and certainly not a problem that I think any of us saw arising. It’s also slightly surprising to see Doug so openly discussing it too to be honest. So, unless some money can be found, all of the previous cues are out of bounds. The first thought of many was if it was possible to get people to provide music for free or signed scripts, as with Back To Earth. This seems a no go however, with Doug tweeting:

Free music gets complicated when you put it on a DVD and sell it.

So that’s a bit of a problem there then. Though it has to be said, while I’m sure there are plenty of fans capable of writing good cues, I’m sceptical that the quality of the production would be good enough for inclusion. Well, unless people were prepared to front he cash for studio time etc anyway. Still, with this apparently not being feasible it’s beside the point anyway, though I have to say, from when I’ve looked into this for my own music in the past I am certain it can actually be worked around if the artist licenses their music to the program on a no profit basis. For now, we wait to see how this on pans out. One thing is clear though; the series won’t go out without music, and some solution will be found.

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