News Roundup (26/02/12)

  • Series X News

An interesting tweet from Richard Naylor this week:

‘Just watched #reddwarf X show 2. Might be too good to not put out as Show 1.’

In this writer’s opinion, while both episodes were great, episode 1 certainly had more of a plot that fitted to the first episode of a new series. Without wishing to give anything away, the plot of the first episode seems far more suited to bringing in the casual audience that a first episode would be looking to hook for the rest of the series. It’s also worth pointing out that the overwhelming response from fan that saw multiple episodes on sites like G&T viewed this to be one of, if not the strongest episode of the series. Of course, nothing is set in stone, but it’s interesting to know that at this moment in time, there is still a possibility that the running order might change. The only episode whose position seems assured is episode 6, with Richard tweeting that ‘6 is 6’.

Richard also tweeted to say that:

Currently most Red Dwarf X eps are running around 34 minutes which means there’s going to be a load of bonus material

Not a huge surprise for anyone that went to the recordings, but still nice to hear. From the preview screening of episode one at the recording for episode five, we know that the first episode has a whole section totally removed. While it ultimately helped the pace of the episode a lot, it was a shame to see the episode without it, so it’ll be nice to see it in among other deleted scenes on the eventual DVD release.

  • The End – Free On iTunes

While it is something that nearly anyone reading this site will own already in some format, iTunes are currently offering the very first episode of Red Dwarf for free. Still, if you have an Apple device and feel like some Dwarf on the go, or indeed want to try and get someone interested in the show, then why not download a copy while the offer lasts.



  • Norman Lovett’s ‘Outside The Box’

Norman Lovett’s latest DVD ‘Outside the Box’ has been realsed by Chris Evans (not that one) at Go Faster Stripe. They’ve been releasing shows from some great comedianslike Stewart Lee, Richard Herring and Simon Munnery whose works don’t tend to get proper releases. It’s great to see them expanding their rosta by adding Norm. The DVD features Norm’s show as well as an interview with him conducted by another fantastic alternative comedian; Arnold Brown. Here’s the blurb:

It’s said that you shouldn’t meet your heroes, but it turns out as long as your hero is Norman Lovett, then it’s all OK. Norman is probably best known for his portrayal of Holly in Red Dwarf. And we’ve managed to fulfil another one of our comedy ambitions, spending time with him making this DVD.

It was recorded in September 2011, just after Norman finished a run in Edinburgh, so he’s primed and red hot – not that you’d notice of course. Norman’s style of laid back surrealist whimsy masks the fact that he was “on fire” that night. Why not see for yourself and see if he doesn’t become your hero too.

Oh – and extras you say? Well, there’s a late night, after gig chat with Arnold Brown, who we happened to record the same night. The pair reveal just what it’s like to be a couple of old fellas doing comedy.

You can watch 2 clips from the DVD and put an order in for a copy at

  • Ride With Danny

News from the official site of a competition to accompany Danny on Challenge 125; his fundraising trip to a round of the MotoGP championship. The winner, who must not already own a motorbike, with ride alongside Danny and MotoVentures founder Steve Keys from London to the San Marino circuit in September on a budget of £125. The winner will also be given their bike and equipment as part of the prize.

To enter, applicants must explain why they would be the perfect traveling companion for Danny and Steve, and from these six finalists will be chosen to undertake compulsory basic training. These six will be cut down to three, who will take a full test and put make their case to a judging panel to try and secure their place on the trip. For full details, visit the official Red Dwarf site, or to apply head over to the MotoVentures site.

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