News Roundup (19/02/12)

  • Series X News

Official news is scarce since the end of the recordings, but sources like the twitter accounts of the production team and the Naylors continue to provide us with some interesting news. If you aren’t already following them, I highly recomend following both Doug and Richard. Of particular interest this week was a tweet from Richard asking:

What sort of thing would you want to see? Montage? Or a model shot followed by a small sequence… any ideas send them my way.

Its certainly interesting to see that there are thoughts to start promotion this early. That said, the recordings have certainly generated a buzz online, and not only on Dwarf related sites. capitalising on this now with something small could be a very smart idea. The general consensus among fans seems to be that they would like to see a model shot more than anything else. Personally, I would like to see a trail in the style of the Back To Earth preview which had a quick shot of the new ship, followed by coming soon. No point in spoiling any more with such a long gap between now and October. Though to be honest, however i rationalise it, the main reason is that I’d just really like to see the new model.

Richard also teased on Twitter that he was:

‘Meeting with an incredibly talented person today re: Red Dwarf. Going to bring some special to the production.’

The only other clue he gave was this photo. I’m stumped on this one frankly, but time will tell.

  • Red Dwarf Youtube Channel & Launch Video

The new red Dwarf YouTube page was launched on the 24th anniversary. To mark the occassion, a video with the cast out of costume was uploaded and can be viewed here. The channel will have well known clips along with new material including behind-the-scenes clips, competitions, and much more.

  • Magazine Feature

A new bookazine, Spaceships of Science Fiction, is to have a feature on the ships of Red Dwarf. More information can be found on the official site here

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