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Series X News – Models and Lemons

March 28, 2012 Alex 0

There have been a lot of little bits of information coming out in the last few days about the progress on the new series. We haven’t put this up here yet partly because I’ve been away, and partly because it’s the sort of stuff we would normally save for the […]

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News Roundup (25/03/12)

March 25, 2012 Alex 0

A slimmer roundup this week, partly due to less happening and partly due to the fact that I’m en-route to Cardiff to dick about on the Tardis, and as such I’m writing this a little earlier than normal. Before we get to that though, just a quick reminder that the […]

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Series X News – Shoots, Ships & The Jigsaw Hull

March 22, 2012 Alex 0

A few small snippet on the on-going model work from Doug: Shooting a Miniature test shoot on Monday. Wasn’t at last one. Really looking forward to being there this time. Ships are all miniatures. We may well have expected it, but this is confirmation that all ship work will be […]

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Series X News – Nine New/Restored Models

March 20, 2012 Alex 0

A tweet from Richard Naylor here that might lead to a bit of speculation over the models: Just to tease. Visited Bill Pearson’s workshop today he has 9 different models he has built from scratch or restored solely for RDX. Now, obviously I’m aware of what does or does not […]

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News Roundup (18/03/12)

March 18, 2012 Alex 0

Another week, another round up of Dwarf news. Before that though, if you missed it you can read the second part of James’ Series X diary here. Read it? Good. Here’s the news: Series X News We started off this week with the confirmation that the shows are being edited […]

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Series X News: Good Old Howard Goodall

March 16, 2012 Alex 0

As you may be aware, Howard Goodall has recently joined Twitter, and it would seem he has been made aware of the situation with the music for Series X. As such, earlier today Howard tweeted Doug to ask: Are you 100% sure there’s nothing in the budget left for a […]

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Event News: Friday Funk & Saturday Sci-Fi

March 15, 2012 Alex 0

These two music stories are both ones we would normally bring you in the end of week round up, but as they both occur before Sunday, we decided to bring them to you in this quick update. First up, you may be aware that BBC Radio 6 Music are celebrating […]

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Series X News – Multiple Models

March 13, 2012 Alex 0

I was going to let this tweet slip by as it’s hard for me to comment on, but I think it’s the kind of thing that we should be sharing with you here. As such, here is a tweet from Richard Naylor today: Just been down to Bill Pearson’s workshop, […]

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Series X – The Men In The Rubber Masks

March 12, 2012 Alex 0

Not a proper piece of news as such, more of a curiosity, but Richard Naylor has tweeted a photo of the incident Chris and Danny were talking about at the British Sci-Fi weekend at the National Space Centre in Leicester. In case you missed Anthony from the Scuttercast‘s recounting of […]

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Series X News – Broken Programming

March 11, 2012 Alex 0

After speculation this week as to how the ad breaks would fit into the program, Richard Naylor has provided some clarification on twitter: Re #RedDwarfad breaks, we’re editing the show with one ad break in the middle approx half way. Not two. I have to say that I was surprised […]