Ci5fGqYXAAAzOCBAs tuneless wunderkind Rebecca Black sang, it’s ‘Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday’, apparently, before going on to blow our collected mind by rhyming the word ‘bowl’ with the word ‘cereal’.

But while Ms Black may have been correct that ‘everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend, weekend’, she fails to take into account the excitement Friday brings with a new update from Red Dwarf’s Official Site.

And what was this week’s update? Well it was this rather lovely gallery of new photos, perfect for celebrating #WorldPhotoDay. If only we could develop them in some mutated fluid and step right into the action. But we can’t… so let’s get right into what we do the best, shall we?



All things that we very much like seeing in the show. It’s particularly nice to see the physical prop of the Skutter return after having been added with CGI in Back to Earth, and would perhaps be even more noteworthy had Robert Llewellyn not accidentally used the wrong camera on his phone on a periscope chat several moths ago giving a nice big look at the prop.

But we’ve always been ones to avoid talking about the interesting things and focus on the petty, so lets look at that exciting topic of corridors! One of our major set gripes with Series XI was the corridors, and as mentioned in our set reports, there seems to have been a great improvement in that this time around. While we only see a tiny section of that here, the barrels are just one feature that helps to vary the available set and allow the production to reuse the same stretch of corridor with out it being hugely obvious that that is what they are doing.



And so on to picture two. We’ve seen shots of the cast on location a few weeks back, but this just reinforces everything that was on show there, but this time with the addition of the Psi-Scan.

It’s a great reminder of how important location filming can be to the show, and shooting in an industrial setting like this really helps to add great variety to the look of the show. Also aiding that of course is the choice of lighting, and it’s now very clear to see that the striking look for the series mentioned in the set reports is clearly not just exaggeration.

And speaking of things that are striking…



We’re reintroduced to the creepy looking droid from the previous set photos, but this time with a shot that reveals more of the stature and the look. Combined with the smoke, setting and lighting there is no getting away from the stark Series V vibe on display, which is something we very much approve of.

We’ve seen a lot of guest characters in the last two series, but even with the Stimulants in The Beginning, none carried the same kind of horror-based threat that this character seems to, and it seems a rich vein to return to a mix things up a little.

Oh course, if you were looking for something that invoked Series V…



Oh wait, wrong episode. But there’s something about seeing Kryten in this sort of costume that defiantly harks back to the concluding episode of Series V. Let’s take a look at his mask a moment, and address some of the concerns that had previously been raised when it was seen in pictures.

Actually, no, let’s not. Let’s just sum it up in a sentence:




There are loads of interesting details in this photograph of the show’s two organic lifeforms. Look at the details on Lister’s boots. Oh, is that a can of Leopard Lager? I wonder what’s in the blender. Is that new lining on the bunks? That’s a different sofa from Series X.  Aren’t those the cushions your mother-in-law has? But isn’t it delightful to see two guys, hanging out, enjoying each other’s company, playing video games and just laughing together? I wonder what that’s like.



If there’s one thing that was mostly missing from Series X, it was plots based around toilet paper. But other people also commented on a lack of a Starbug set. So it’s delightful to see a new variation on the old theme. Lister and the Cat are in front with Rimmer at Navigation and Kryten…in his seat. It’s exploding too which seems to be the norm for Starbug which is all delightfully reassuring. There’s also a big green door at the back. It’s so great to see the small green one back. Thank goodness no one from UKTV spoiled the surprise.

So there’s some thoughts on the photos. Whatever will UKTV/Babycow/Grant Naylor arrange for us to see next? Could it be some moving footage? Come back to Gazpacho Soup to find out.

Ci5fGqYXAAAzOCBIt’s the all important information that we’ve been waiting on and at last we have definitive confirmation; Red Dwarf XI starts at 9PM on the 22nd September on Dave


The date was confirmed today by Dave in this video.

Firstly then, let’s deal with the content of the clip. A lovely model shot that seems to be the result of the motion capture shoot with the new bigature that we’ve seen a photo of. The structure of the side of the ship seems to be different from before, and we previously noticed some minor differences when we picked apart the name plate, which in this clip has been digitally replaced with one sporting the channels name.

There’ll be some interesting evaluation of the new model to be made with new clips and higher quality video, but it’s all looking rather nice in that short clip.

But back to the airdate. Not far removed from when Series X aired, the autumn season is typically a good one for new series of comedy shows, and it’s a perfect home for Series XI. For the fact fans among you, the other series to air in the second half of the year have been II, III, VI and X. All others have aired between January and April.

However all of this comes with something of a large side note, as the first episode will be viewable on UKTV Play from the 15th. Each week after this, each episode will be available on UKTV Play 7 days before it airs on TV as confirmed by Doug on Twitter.

Online premieres of shows shouldn’t be a surprise, and it’s certainly not the first time that UKTV have done it for one of their shows. But to do it for the whole series? It certainly feels an odd choice.

Don’t get us wrong, we fully understand that a lot of people’s television habits have changed in the last 10 years, and for many, online catchup services are the way that they enjoy their television shows. But to put the whole series out early online seems to undermine the excitement of new episodes, and makes each ones airing far less of an event.

Perhaps we are stuck in our ways, but it’s not something that we were expecting in 3 million years. It’s not going to change the fact that we are excited about the new episodes, but it does feel like we’ve lost something of the experience we had last time with Series X, and the sense of occasion that a TV premier allowed.

Aside from this big news though, there have also been a couple of smaller stories since last Friday’s update. Firstly, alongside the Twentica screening at the Edinburgh International Television Festival and the September screening at BAFA, Doug is also scheduled to talk about the new series at the Starburst International Film Festival in Manchester on the 28th August. Details and tickets can be found here.

Speaking of Doug, ardent Twitter-profile-stalkers-for-tiny-tidbits-of-news will doubtless have spotted that his profile presently has a previously unseen picture of the new Starbug model as it’s cover photo:



Elsewhere online, a picture has appeared from the 3D printing department at Pinewood, with their snazzy crew t-shirts that we’re desperately envious of:



And finally, there’s this story in the Lancashire Telegraph of a school governor being banned from school grounds after wearing a ‘Lets get out there and twat it’ t-shirt at the school’s sports day.

The old ‘any publicity is good publicity’ adage seems apt here, especially with a new series on the way and a story like this reminding casual fans of the show before it airs. That said, the description of the t-shirts slogan as ‘extremely foul and offensive language’ makes the show sound more akin to The Thick of It than Red Dwarf.


Now if someone can do something else foolish like changing their name to Reg Wharf (though that’s a task for TORDFC chairman James Bull), then we can fill out the local news channels. Today Lancashire, tomorrow… Yorkshire?

Ci5fGqYXAAAzOCBIt wouldn’t take long for us to know the episode titles of Series XI but luckily those fine people at Dave and The Official Site have shared them in their latest Friday update. We were all refreshing the BBFC website waiting for those to leak the episode titles as they did in Series X.

Not only has the the official site shared titles for all six episodes but it has also some basic plot synopses too.

Episode 1 – Twentica

The Dwarfers find themselves in an alternative version of America where modern technology is prohibited, making Rimmer and Kryten illegal. The Dwarfers infiltrate the tech savvy underground and try to bring down the authoritarian regime.

We already knew this episode title from a previous Friday update but now we have a plot synopsis to go with it. It sounds very Tikka to Ride with a new twist. It will be interesting to see how they execute this with their budget, as it sounds like a very expensive idea to create an alternative America set replete with an underground resistance group and an authoritarian regime.

Episode 2 – Samsara

When the Dwarfers investigate a crashed ship at the bottom of an ocean moon, Lister and Cat become trapped together and Lister’s nightmare begins. Meantime Rimmer and Kryten discover the ship is controlled by a dark force.

This is a plot synopsis that wasn’t included in the overall Series XI synopsis. Why that is I don’t know as the gang getting trapped on a crashed ship on an ocean moon is an interesting idea and could probably fit in any previous series of Red Dwarf. Now we need to hope that the model shots of the ocean moon look as glorious as the Back to Reality shots did, squid aside.

Episode 3 – Give and Take

After an altercation with a deranged droid Lister has his kidneys organ-napped. The only solution is to ask Cat, the most selfish creature in the universe, to give him one of his.



Now this is pure speculation on my part but what is the betting that the picture from last week’s Friday update is from this episode?

A dark storyline with a light comedy twist. If the balance is right between the dark and scary moments with the deranged organ stealing droid and the lighter comedy moments of Cat having to be convinced to give a kidney then this could be a real classic story.

4. Officer Rimmer

After a scandalous piece of good fortune Rimmer saves the life of a bio-printed Captain and is promoted, fulfilling his life-long dream of becoming an Officer. He immediately opens an Officer’s club, which is out of bounds to the lower orders, and uses the bio-printer to fill it with versions of himself.

Red Dwarf has played around with the idea of Rimmer becoming an officer many times and it plows well worn ground again with this episode but with a new twist. An officer’s club filled with bio-printed Rimmer’s perhaps might seem a good idea initially for Rimmer but you only need to look at the last few times he has met doubles of himself to know how this probably won’t turn out all that well. Yes we have seen episodes with Rimmer doubles before but the show does it so well you can’t begrudge them doing it again.

I can’t help but think there was a better episode title here. Perhaps Officer’s Club would have worked better.

5. Krysis

Kryten has a mid-life crisis and changes his body cover from Mech grey to Ferrari red. The posse try and show him how much he’s achieved in life by taking him to visit a mechanoid from his old fleet.

The first episode of Red Dwarf since Back to Earth to touch on the characters ageing and it comes from the unlikely source of Kryten. But it is plots like this that justify why the show can continue over 25 years after it started. Many people criticise the show for continuing saying the actors are too old to play the parts but here we have the perfect reason why that isn’t true, the characters age with the actors.

Whether the mechanoid from Kryten’s old fleet is played by Robert Llewellyn as with Able from Beyond a Joke will remain to be seen.

6. Can of Worms

Cat takes time off from being in love with himself to fall head over heels in love with a lady Cat with a big secret.

So we finally have the episode with Cat’s virginity addressed. What could the secret of Cat’s love interest be? She is actually a dog? She is actually a vampire? She is his long lost sister? She has been spayed? I’m sure it will be none of those things and something less silly instead.

The title seems to indicate that the secret might open up an issue for Cat and the gang. What is this can of worms that they are about to open up?

It’s Friday! And that means yadda, yadda, yadda. You know the drill by now.

We fill out a few lines with some old guff, repost whatever the official channels have released today to tease Series XI, and then write a load more old guff underneath talking about it.

With that in mind, let’s cut to the chase:

Now we won’t detail what’s going on here or what episode this is from, and you’ll doubtless have already drawn your own conclusions from the photo and the caption anyway. So instead let’s look at some of the production elements that this photo shows that we previously alluded to in our set reports.

Firstly, the lighting and colour pallet. All through the recordings, one of the resounding bits of feedback was that the lighting this series made much more use of shadow and a more interesting array of colour choices than Series X did. As with the last photo released, this is very apparent once again, but also goes someday to show it’s unique style.

We have been used to series of the show that have had a darker look in places before, especially in Series V, but the look here is something different again. From Series III onwards, one of the big elements of the show has always been it’s visually striking nature that seep rated it from other comedy shows, and this seems very much in that mound.

If it’s not a phrase that’s been undermined by the Remastered project, this colour pallet has more of a filmic style to it and which seems to be a natural development  that takes elements of what was seen in both Back to Earth and Series X.

Of course it’s not only the look of the photo that is striking, but also the guest charecter featured in. It plays into the horror aspects seen in the show previously, especially in Series V, and suggests that this theme is back in the show to some degree. That’d certainly be something backed up by Seb Patrick from The Offical Site, stating that ‘I saw the episode with this character in being filmed, and he/it shit me RIGHT UP. Proper scary Series V vibes.’

Confirmed in this tweet from Richard Naylor, the visually arresting design is courtesy of Millenium FX. If the name sounds familiar, it’s likely from their extensive work on Doctor Who since 2005. With their extensive experience in the creating monsters, robots and prosthetics for BBC One’s flagship show, the promise of more of their work on the series is certainly one that should excite.

All in all it’s another photo that’s sure to get fans more worked up for the shows. If you just can’t wait to see more Series XI however, you might want to consider booking a ticket sharpish to The International Edinburgh Television Festival as we talked about last week, there tickets to a screening of Twentica are still avalible for £12.

Everything is getting tantisisingly close now and it’s all very exciting. We’d forgive you if a bit of wee came out. Incontinence truly is a terrible affliction after all.

Ci5fGqYXAAAzOCB Hot on the heels of yesterday’s big reveal of the first promo shot of Series XI, we are now graced in the weekly Friday Series XI update with another cast photo.

Not to be trumped by the Telegraph who decided to get their own “exclusive” yesterday courtesy of posting the new cast photo when they jolly well liked, this time the latest image is courtesy of where else but the official Red Dwarf site.


Series XI Cast Photo

The first thing that strikes you about the shot is the lighting. One constant through-line of all of the set reports was the emphasis there seemed to be from the production team on giving the show a look akin to that of Series V. Now all of us who didn’t see the show filmed can see this for ourselves.

What also is interesting about this shot is how less different Kryten’s new mask looks in action here. Whilst I wasn’t part of the rumblings of discontent that spread through Red Dwarf fandom regarding yesterday’s reveal, I would say it was a much bigger change than we’d ever seen before to Kryten. However people who had seen the episodes recorded said the mask wasn’t best represented by yesterday’s picture and you can clearly see why as the mask we see here is much closer the archetypal Kryten mask from the early 90s.

Now to get into the real nerdy depths and lets analyse Cat’s hair. It seems a lot finer and frizzier than in Series X or even than in the cast photo revealed yesterday. What the frizzy hair does seem to do is it makes the wig looks a little more real.

And finally of course we come to the bazookoids. They are absolutely lovely. We knew from all the way back to when they were filming that the Model Unit were making new bazookoids for the series, this time an amalgamation of the original bazookoid and the Series VII ‘mk 2’ bazookoid.

As for where the gang are, where Rimmer is and why Lister appears to be wearing a headband, I couldn’t even begin to speculate. We’ll just have to wait until the new series airs next September.



Ci5fGqYXAAAzOCBThings are starting to pick up news wise, and today’s has been the most notable with the release of the first official cast photo from Series XI. More on that in a moment, but first, let’s quickly round up the smaller stories of the week.

Firstly, The Edinburgh International Television Festival has announced a screening of Twentica followed by a talk from Doug for August 24th, complete with all the embargos you would expect from such a screening prior to the series airing on TV. The festival itself is an annual and well respected event that some of you may be familiar with for it’s keynote address; The James MacTaggart Memorial Lecture. For the unfamiliar, here is last year’s excellent speech as delivered by Armando Iannucci.

Other Red Dwarf news this week includes a new erotic parody, of which perhaps the less said the better. We do note that this edition, titled Infinity Welcomes Sexy Drivers, is only Byte I however. We therefore wouldn’t be surprised if this isn’t the last we hear of this, presumably with upcoming titles such as Thanks for the Mammery, Dimension Hump and Back to Realititties.

More edifyingly, have also listed the DVD for Series XI with a release date of November 8th. We wouldn’t read too much into this yet as there is always the possibility of the US release being a week or two later than the UK. However, if it’s a more or less simultaneous release and it follows the same basis of being released slightly over a week after the last episode of the series as with Series X, then it’d suggest we are looking at a the series airing in the second half of September.

But enough of this tosh, let’s look at the main feature; the first official cast photo for Series XI, which appears to have been released early by The Telegraph in a move sure to piss off GNP, UKTV and Baby Cow. Here though is yeah higher resolution and logo resplendent version from the official Red Dwarf Twitter account:

It’s… Busy.

Ok there are certainly some issues with that picture. The background is a little too vivid, the Dwarf and Starbug are badly comped in and in the wrong hue, there’s a bizarre bubble effect that adds nothing, and somehow they’ve managed to get a photo of Kryten that is pretty removed from how he actually came across looking at the recordings.

But that’s the *picture*. Let’s find what the positives are in what it actually contains.

Firstly, while the photo of Kryten is and odd one, you can certainly see from it how the nose on his mask has been altered and looks a lot better now. The suit is different as we discussed in our set reports at the time, but personally I can’t say it’s something that bothered me at the recordings or bothers me now. There’s no escaping the fact that the hands look strangely inflated, but again, they didn’t come across this way at the recordings.

The Cat’s hair is more muted than his high-as-a-cliff-top do in Series X. It actually looks bigger than it is here in the photo due to the angle, put the flatter style suits much better. You can also see the bigger eyebrows we mentioned in our early set reports, but as with Kryten’s suit, it’s just a slight series-to-series change and is fine. His costume meanwhile is very much in the style of his ones in Series X, and you’ll either like it or you won’t. Personally, I don’t think it’s out of place and is certainly less garish than say his outfit in Fathers and Suns.

Both Rimmer and Lister meanwhile look exactly as they should, and the bazookoids are also seen painted and complete for the first time here and looking exactly right. And isn’t it nice to see Starbug back on promo materials? Apparently now with legs the bend back in flight again as was the case with the CGI model.

It’s important to remember that this is just a promotional picture, while also remembering that the one for Sereis X was also badly composited and in no way a reflection on the shows themselves. It won’t be the promo image that’ll be what we remember after airing, it’ll be the episodes.

Ci5fGqYXAAAzOCBFriday has come around again with another exciting update in the lead up to September. This week we have a storyboard replete with dialogue from an episode from Series XI.

A typical Rimmer being Rimmer gag and what seems to be a very ambitious location/studio set in the opening panel. If that shows the level of ambition in the production then we could be in for a much more expansive production than we have seen before.

This isn’t the first storyboard that has been revealed by the production. During the filming of Series XII Richard Naylor shared this wonderful storyboard also drawn by Nik Afia.

Hopefully we will see more of these storyboards after the series has gone out, perhaps as a gallery on the DVD or in Nathan Cubitt’s making of documentary. Or we could convince Grant Naylor Productions to release a storyboard book with all of the storyboards created for Series XI and XII…

Ci5fGqYXAAAzOCBIt’s Friday and as such it’s time for another piece of Red Dwarf XI news. This time, after various photos from the model shoot having whetted our appetite over the last few weeks, we have something we haven’t seen so far in the build up to this new series; an episode title.

Titles being announced is always one of those markers of things really gearing up for a new series airing, so what title are we leading with? The Red Dwarf HQ twitter feed had the answer:

So, Twentica. In terms of titles, it certainly sounds very Red Dwarf-ish. Having been at the XI recordings, we won’t speculate on what the title might mean, but we can certainly hazard a guess at which episode this is likely to be, and it wasn’t the first one that was recorded…

Now we can’t deny that as we said in our set reports, at the time we felt during the recordings that the order the episodes were filmed in felt quite good and natural. However, if this is the episode that we suspect, then it’s a strong start to XI and there’s definitely logic in coming out the gates with as a particularly good epsiode to draw in as much of an audience as early as possible. We’re certainly pretty confident that if it’s the episode we suspect, it’ll get the series off to a very warm reception.

At this point, it’s worth us adding an addendum to our spoiler policy going forward. As with this episode title, with the release of others over the coming months we won’t be linking you to the relevant set reports. Please be aware however that when referring to our set reports however that as was ever the case, they do not necessarily relate to the order the episodes are being broadcast in.

More titles as we get them!

Ci5fGqYXAAAzOCBFridays have for a long time been the day we expect to see breaking news thanks to The Official Site’s regular Friday updates. However, as well as this and occasional updates from the cast (such as Danny’s tweet and Bobby’s periscope revealing that the cast are currently in the midst of ADR,) we’re also becoming all to familiar with the RDHQ, Dave, UKTV and Baby Cow Twitter feeds also providing us with some highly exciting teases for the new series.

Today was no exception, with various accounts offering up this picture:

With a slightly better look at the new ‘bug than the previously realised picture afforded, it of course calls for some tedious breaking down of the small differences with this model compared to prior ones! Hooray! For those of you not slipping into a coma at the prospect however, here’s a pictorial comparison with some of the different versions.


(Clockwise: Series V model, Series VII CGI model, Series XI model, Series X model)

The differences between each may be subtle, CGI aside, but here are some of the main elements we’ve spotted with this new take:

  • The landing struts have a new shape, with the thin pipe gaining extra joints which, in world, we would reason is to cushion landings better. The feet also appear to be smaller and at least some of the bottom half of the landing struts now appear to be black.
  • The ships name appears in a much larger font on the ship’s rear section.
  • The dishes on the top of the rear section are laid out differently to any prior model, and are also a different shape.
  • The ships fins appear to be smaller and more compact.
  • The red trim around the front section of the ship is no longer present. The 1 from the top of the ship has also gone, as shown in the previously released crash picture.
  • The paneling all around the ship is slightly changed, with the front section especially showing more lines delineating different sections than appeared previously. The cockpit window meanwhile continues to maintain the version returned to in X rather than the one used in VII and VIII.

Turning for a second the the model supporting the Starbug Model meanwhile, this post from The Model Unit shed a little light on matters, stating:

“First glimpse of the landing pad miniature that we built for the up and coming series of ‘Red Dwarf’ airing this September on Dave. (Starbug model by the Magic Camera Co)”

There’s a few things to note here. Firstly, this now confirms that the Starbug is indeed the second of the two models that Richard Naylor previously stated has been built by The Magic Camera Company. This is perhaps also gives us a little more of an insight into what The Model Unit’s involvement has been in this series, with a model set supporting the ship. It also appears that one The Model Unit regular isn’t so taken with the new Starbug design, with Peter Tyler commenting:

“In my opinion Alan Marshall’s original Starbug was spot on from day one. It photographed from any angle beautifully. This new one has lost something and is not as elegant.”

For our 2 cents, there are definite difference as listed above, but we wouldn’t like to make any judgements too early o, though we have to say that to us, the model looks fine. With just 2 photos to go off, we’d like to see the the model in action first as this will be the real testing of it. The size of the text and the landing struts were the main elements that gave us pause for thought, but they aren’t necessarily bad, just different. Starbug’s interior has changed multiple times, and it’s exterior has never remained constant, so a further change here isn’t any real bother to us. Of course, had we worked first hand filming Starbug models on many occasions, we’d probably feel more strongly about any changes too, but for us as fans, there’s certainly nothing on display that gives us any cause for concern.

Turning back to the Model Unit’s model, we aren’t *definitely* saying that this is the Red Dwarf hanger bay, but, well, look at these examples from prior series:


What’s far more interesting however is the fact that while the above hanger bays were complete model sets, this new image shows a combination of model and blue screen. It perhaps shouldn’t come as a surprise however, and it’s certainly no uncommon to combine models with CGI backgrounds or matte paintings. It could well be a way of expanding the potential expanse of the miniature sets in the budget and time frame allowed by the production. We await to see the results with great interest.

Following Doug Naylor’s hint yesterday that the new series would air in September, we now have official confirmation by Dave and the official Red Dwarf website. No specific day has been given but it gives us a good barometer of how much longer we have to wait.

But that wasn’t all we got in today’s update, they also decided to give us an extra treat: an official series synopsis.

The show’s six episode run sees two of the Dwarfers’ dreams come true: Rimmer accidentally saves the life of a Space Corps Captain and is promoted to Officer, while Cat takes time off from being in love with himself to fall in love with a female Cat with a secret. Meantime, Lister wakes up to discover a deranged droid has stolen some of his body parts and Kryten has a mid-life crisis and considers leaving the Dwarfers for a younger crew. The posse also find themselves in an alternative America where modern technology is outlawed, making both Kryten and Rimmer illegal.

Whilst the episode synopsis only seem to cover 5 episodes it looks like we have a good mix of episodes giving each character a story centring around them. Whilst it is nice to see a Kryten centric episode for the first time in 17 years we have long been craving for a Cat centric episode.

It is worth pointing out that the set reports regularly commented on the more ensemble nature of most episodes so whilst we might see each character get a central role at least once this series, nobody ever would seem to get sidelined in the way characters were sometimes in the past. Naming no series specifically. Series VIII.

The synopsis I’d highlight in particular would be the episode set in an alternative America. You could perhaps draw comparisons with the plot of Tikka to Ride. It is particularly exciting to think we might get an episode to the scale and ambition of Tikka to Ride but filmed in front of an audience and without the model shoot going wrong.